Member Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct describes the rules of engagement that we follow as Management Consultant Service Providers in the management consultant community. It also articulates the ideals to which we aspire as well as the behaviors that are mandatory in our professional roles.

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to instill confidence in the consulting profession and to help an individual become a more successful management consultant. We do this by establishing a profession-wide understanding of appropriate behaviors. We believe that the credibility and reputation of the consulting profession is shaped by the collective conduct of individual practitioners.

We acknowledge that a management consultant bears a multi-faceted responsibility – to the Client, to Society, to the Organization they work for, to those they work with, and to the Consultancy Profession.

1. Serving the Interests of Clients – as a professional management consultant I will:

1.1 Put client interests first, doing whatever it takes to serve them to the highest possible standards at all times, handling assignments with efficiency and effectiveness, responsibility, and accountability and with focus on impartiality, legitimacy, capability, and legality.

1.2 Ensure professional advice is sound and relevant to the client’s needs.

1.3 Act independently and objectively, exercising professional care, establishing the facts of a situation to enable an informed and experienced judgment.

1.4 Consider the possibility of any conflict of interest, or the perception of such a conflict, and take all reasonable steps to protect the interests and confidentiality of each client. Be aware of any client’s code of conduct and take appropriate actions, including informing the client, if there is a problem with compliance.

1.5 Follow a process for managing the consulting assignment that conforms to the guidelines of the Consulting Competencies.

1.6 Demonstrate the personal qualities and good practices of a professional consultant, including, but not limited to honesty, respect, integrity, independence, objectivity, commitment, robustness, and transparency of communication. Set high personal standards, respect confidentiality, and be courteous, reliable, and responsive in dealing with others.

1.7 Maintain currency in all competencies required to carry out consultancy assignments and add value to clients. Create an environment that enables others working with me to be creative, agile, innovative, and to value quality.

2. Serving the Interests of Society – as a professional management consultant, I will:

2.1 Ensure that I am aware of and comply with all relevant legislation and regulations in the country where I am operating.

2.2 Respect social, environmental, and wider corporate responsibility concerns, assessing the impact of my actions on the environment and society.

2.3 Consider the application of appropriate sustainability goals in all assignments.

2.4 Understand, accept, and manage diversity in terms of culture, beliefs, religion, race, and gender, respecting the customs, practices, and reasonable ambitions of others.

2.5 Be honest, open, and truthful in all external communications.

3. Serving the Interests of the Organization I work for – as a professional management consultant, I will:

3.1 Make every effort to support the organization’s overall objectives, safeguard its reputation and assets, and reconcile personal and corporate values.

3.2 Uphold lawful policies, practices, and procedures and contribute to their enhancement in the interests of good management practice.

3.3 Address issues I perceive as improper, or as falling below acceptable standards of professional practice, and apply relevant corrective actions.

3.4 In the interests of all the organization’s shareholders I will ensure that I properly understand their interests and respond to them in a balanced manner; safeguard all confidential and/or propriety information that comes into my possession; establish, maintain, and develop business relationships based on mutual confidence and trust; neither offer nor accept gifts, hospitality, or services which could create, or imply, an improper obligation; and refrain from entering into any agreement or undertake any activity which is unlawful or anti-competitive.

4. Serving the Interests of those I work with – as a professional management consultant, I will:

4.1 Understand my colleagues’ responsibilities, areas of authority, and accountability, and offer them my support.

4.2 Act consistently and fairly when addressing any shortfall in performance or standards of behavior.

4.3 Maintain a culture of openness and transparency in communications, where issues may be addressed in a frank, timely, and effective manner.

4.4 Have regard for the physical and mental health, safety, and well-being of colleagues, recognizing their specific needs and the pressures and problems they face.

4.5 Ensure that every individual is treated fairly and that diversity is respected.

4.6 Encourage and assist colleagues to develop their skills and progress in their careers, valuing the contribution they may make and recognizing their achievements.

5. Serving the Interests of the Consultancy Profession – as a professional management consultant, I will:

5.1 Have respect for the profession, upholding its integrity and good standing, and refrain from conduct that detracts from its reputation and public confidence.

5.2 Promote the image and standing of the profession, demonstrating an understanding of the nature of the management consultancy market and all its stakeholders.

5.3 Respect the intellectual property of all stakeholders, including the materials that may be shared among various stakeholders.

5.4 Seek and act on feedback from clients and professional leaders to promote the development of the profession.

5.5 Observe the standards of conduct and practice as set out in this Code of Conduct.