The Institute of Management Consultants USA Foundation (IMC USA Foundation) is a 501c(3) education and research organization dedicated to the improvement of management consulting practices through research, performance measurement and education of current and future management consultants.

More than gathering best practices, its purpose is to create awareness of the value of ethics and professionalism by management consultants among broad communities, and to equip professionals to practice management consulting with the highest ethics and professionalism.


The Foundation develops, disseminates, and advances high quality research and education on business ethics standards and practices of the management consulting profession to global business and educational communities. Its educational center provides high quality business ethics and management consulting professional education to management consulting professionals, firms and students.


Bring together the actors in business and their advisors to reveal differences in assumptions about motivations, desired outcomes and standards of behavior.


Business leaders consider integrity as the core of their business, before profit, before growth, and before reputation because none of these are possible without integrity.

The IMC USA Foundation addresses ethical issues not just for consultants nor just for executives. Our focus is the intersection of those realms, where efforts to create value sometimes conflict with standards of behavior needed to ensure trust and integrity.

Support the Foundation

Our funding comes from voluntary donations from individuals, foundations and corporations. Funds are used to develop and disseminate resources to improve the integrity with which business is done and to conduct research and surveys to support development of those resources.

Please make check payable to IMC USA Foundation and mail to:

IMC USA Foundation
1717 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 1025
Washington, DC 20006