IMC USA National Awards

National Certificate of Appreciation

Awarded by Chapter Presidents, the IMC Chair, or an IMC Committee Chair, this national recognition demonstrates our appreciation to a member who has achieved an exceptional or difficult goal, performed with excellence under difficult circumstances, used unusual skills, or achieved another goal deemed valuable.

National Distinguished Service Award*

Here’s your opportunity to recognize long-term (at least 5 years) exemplary service and contribution to IMC at the national level.This award recognizes continued service and demonstration of strong, long-term support of IMC in multiple venues. Award winners have earned a reputation for uncommon, excellent performance whose value to IMC is readily apparent.

National Recognition of Achievement*

This award is presented to a member(s) of the Institute of Management Consultants for accomplishing one or more identified significant goals important to the IMC national organization.

Special National Awards

FIMC (Fellow of IMC)

Honor the long-time contributions to IMC by those who have demonstrated exceptional service (including on the national level), and a consulting career that demonstrates the goals, values, ethics, and aspirations of the Institute. Only about forty FIMCs have been awarded in IMC’s history.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Recognize a member who, over the course of his/her career, has made an exceptional contribution to the management consulting profession and/or to IMC. Fewer than 20 people have ever received this prestigious award!

Chair Leadership Award*

Awarded by the IMC Chair, this award recognizes the leadership, commitment, and efforts of an outstanding member to serve IMC, its members, and the consulting community. 

Chapter Presidents’ Council Leadership Award*

Awarded by the CPC President, this award honors the contributions of one outstanding chapter president who is a role model for others.

Chapter Recognition Award

Presented by the national board to a chapter in good standing that performs a special event promoting the IMC and the consulting profession. As an alternative, the chapter might have contributed and played a major role in the Institute’s Chapter Operations that serves as an example to other chapters.

Community Service Award

Appreciate a peer member’s use of consulting skills to support community activities and promote effective management in a community organization or activity.

* These awards may be nominated by members, however, are chosen by the Chapter Presidents, IMC Chair, and/or IMC Committee Chairs.