David Norman

Charles Roxin CMC

Charles Roxin was born in Rochester, NY. He was ‘raised’ in a family business where he learned all aspects of the enterprise, from sweeping floors, stocking shelves, delivering orders, machining parts to managing shipping and receiving, finance and ultimately managing the entire company during the illness of his uncle and death of his mother.

Following graduate school, he was employed by a multi-state commission where he managed large scale projects contracted by the US Departments of Energy and Corps of Engineers. In addition, he was a project manager for a regional aviation system plan, regional housing plan, and was managing director of a not-for-profit bank for low income and special needs housing.

After starting his consultancy in 1983 his clients soon included large international food, drug, and manufacturing companies, as well as major newspapers, including the New York Times and the Toronto Star.

He has been an active volunteer in the community since the 1970s.