Roberta Guise

Roberta Guise

Roberta Guise is a trusted advisor to consultants, experts, executives and professionals on building their personal brand, growing their influence and shaping their reputation so that people beat a path to their door for their expertise. She shepherds small business CEOs and founders through developing successful growth strategies and implementing their action plan.

She founded Guise Marketing & PR in the mid-90s to advise small business owners, professionals and non-profits on targeted cost-effective marketing strategies, personal branding and reputation development, effective, and achieving mastery at being visible.

In recent years, as she saw how few women were taking part in shaping important public conversations despite comprising more than 50% of the population, she expanded her services to successful female CEOs, executives and rising stars who are dedicated to becoming influential authorities and thought leaders in their field of expertise, and bringing vital diversity of thought to public discourse.

Her personal branding clients have included professionals in such diverse fields as blast engineering, medicine, yoga, chemical engineering, fitness, angel investing, nutrition and neuropsychology.

As a speaker, Roberta demystifies reputation, personal branding, thought leadership and marketing. Attendees always leave with actionable takeaways. Her presentations are filled with stories that make perfect sense, are relevant, and burst with ready-to-use ideas.

Roberta is the founder of FemResources, a start-up nonprofit whose mission is gender equality in the tech workforce and advancing women’s careers in technology and engineering.

She’s an accredited delegate and speaker who represents San Francisco at the UN Commission on the Status of Women meetings at the United Nations. Her opinions have been published in such publications as the San Francisco Chronicle, Sacramento Bee, BusinessWeek, Fortune magazine, and the Wall Street Journal. She’s currently writing a book on how to shape your reputation through developing your personal brand.

No one can know everything. So to keep her professional edge and because she wants to bring her clients fresh ideas and insights, Roberta takes pride in being uncommonly curious and inquiring.

She feeds herself a daily reading diet of marketing, business and technology issues, and stays on top of trends and current events. She regularly attends educational seminars and workshops (when not presenting them herself).