Certified Management Consultant (CMC) Testimonials

CMC Testimonials

Management Consultants have credited their certification with finding clients, bringing clients to them, and giving clients confidence in their abilities.  They have also gained access to a similarly well-qualified peer group for advice, collaboration and support.

Here below are just a few of the many success stories and testimonials from CMCs in the US:

I selected the IMC USA QuickStart training program as a learning pathway toward attaining my CMC. I feel proud to have achieved and maintained my certification. I wasn’t easy, but it was certainly worth it. My clients express their satisfaction of knowing that I operate my consulting practice based on a high standard of ethics and best practice. Furthermore, being a CMC has introduced me to not only more clients with whom I’ve done business, but also to an elite group of peer professionals with whom I network and share ideas. I highly recommend!

Rich Cruz, MBA, CMC, CDMP, PCM

The CMC – the singular most important differentiator in the marketplace for management consultants, assures prospects and clients of quality, ethics and professionalism. Separate yourself from the masses and demonstrate adherence to highest levels of the industry.

David Norman, FIMC, CMC-AF

A prospect hired me because, in his view, the CMC proved I was worth hiring which led to a multi-month, lucrative client.

Lisa Apolinski, CMC

Highlighting the Code [of Ethics] and the CMC on my website and in blog posts led, through Google search, to teaching Ethics and Strategy courses to students around the world through a well-known program.

Jennifer Beever Causey, CMC

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