February 2023

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Julia Demkowski Message

I am excited to share a progress update on the One IMC USA initiative announced in June of 2021, which has been the work of the 2021- 2022 National BOD term. As we approach a new 2023- 2024 term, we will have many more announcements. Please plan to attend the Annual meeting, June 15, 2023, for more information and updates for IMC USA. We have many more exciting initiatives coming your way.

In previous emails we announced several Board Liaisons to national committees. I want to share that Andre Vaccaro is now the board liaison to the National Professional and Education Committee, Chaired by Loraine Huchler. These liaisons are not committee chairs, but a path for communication between the committees and the national board.

I am pleased to announce two new National Committee Chairs:

Cecilia Sepp, National Membership Chair. Cecilia brings years of experience in serving association membership and growth. Please contact Cecilia Sepp or Angela Dingle, Membership Committee Board Liaison and Chair-Elect, if you are interested in being part of the membership committee.

Margie Hanson, National Marketing Chair. Margie is an experienced marketing professional and has served multiple years on the conference committee. Please reach out to Margie Hanson or Gregory Brooks if you are interested in being part of the marketing committee.

The new organizational structure is complete and implemented. This reorganization was the first step in aligning the local chapters and committees with the National Board. Our committees and board liaisons are accountable to the Board and to the annual plans for IMC USA. We are one national association. Chapters and Committees are extensions of and support the mission of the Institute of Management Consultants USA.

To raise awareness of the institute and to be relevant now and going forward, we are changing and focused on doing things differently. Margie Hanson will be working directly with committees and the National Board to help raise awareness of IMC USA as the sole certifying body for management consultants in the USA. Our strategic plan supports and emphasizes the bylaws mission of growth through certification, professional resources, and educational efforts.

Please click Committees (imcusa.org) for a complete outline of who our committee chairs, board liaisons, and staff liaisons are. If you have an interest in working with the committees reach out to the appropriate committee chair or Gregory Brooks directly.

We still have work to do, however the roll out is in progress and will continue through the first half of 2023. All volunteer leaders and individuals interested in leadership will be invited to attend the leadership summit Friday March 10, 2023. All current Board, Committee, Chapter, and SIG Volunteers will receive an invitation with meeting details.

Try the Business Identity Index for Yourself

As consultants, we all face a common challenge: new client acquisition and discovery.

As members of IMC USA and fellow consultants, I want you to experience the process of identifying your Business Identity Index offered to us by Affiliate Member, New Orchard. New Orchard is providing one-time access to the Business Identity Index to our members. Simply click on the following link to take the BII and find out how you perceive you or your firm is approaching critical decisions. For more detailed information about what the Business Identity Index is click here.

As an added benefit, IMC will be able to gain insight into our membership base – who we are and how we typically make decisions. This will in turn help us to create more fantastic programming that speaks directly to these areas, deepening the quality of your experience as an IMC USA member. This is an assessment on your Business Identity, and you will receive a report of your assessment results. This is a “no-fee” offer from New Orchard.

Take a few minutes and try the BII today.


I hope all are off to a great 2023!


IMC USA Member News

Welcome December – January New Members

  • Mahmood Al-Saati, A’ali, Bahrain
  • Erin Krebs, Allen, Texas
  • Maria White, San Diego, California

Member Stories: What IMC USA Means to Me

Edward Potter, CAE of Worldwise Civil Society Consultancy, LLC knows the value of his IMC USA membership; do you? Visit https://imcusa.org/testimonial-form to share your IMC USA story. 
Ed Potter Member Testimonial


Thinking about starting, growing and sustaining your practice? What better way than utilizing the resources and community IMC USA offers! If you are seeking to begin your practice, implement a proven competency framework, develop business, optimize performance, exceed client expectations and much more – it all starts with membership and personalized onboarding! Click here to get started today!

News Around the Web

IMC USA Committee Updates

Call for Nominations for IMC USA Board of Directors

If you have been looking for a way to make a difference, grow your leadership skills and give back to the profession, consider serving on the IMC USA Board of Directors.

Elected positions include: Chair-Elect,* Treasurer (2-year term limit) and two Directors (3-year term).
* Chair-Elect is an automatic successor to the Chair in the second year, he or she will serve as Past Chair after completing a one-year Chair term. (3-year rotation)
If you would like to nominate yourself or another IMC USA member, please send an email to the Nominating Committee ([email protected]) no later than Friday, February 17, 2023.
Prospective candidates will complete a questionnaire summarizing their relevant experience and submit a one-page statement supporting their candidacy and a photo. The Nominating Committee evaluates each candidate’s familiarity and experience with fiduciary, governance and operations of non-profit organizations, their past service to IMC USA and other organizations and interviews the nominee and several references. Upon completion of all interviews, the Nominating Committee will communicate directly with each prospective candidate regarding their candidacy.
Individuals whose qualifications and interests match the board’s current requirements for Director will be added to the ballot for the 2023 elections.
In addition to strong leadership skills and a commitment to actively participate in Board meetings and activities, we are seeking candidates with strong skills in social media, marketing and communication or an interest in professional learning, university programs and membership. Please note our rating criteria favors candidates who have demonstrated their commitment to the profession of consulting by earning a CMC® certification.
General Eligibility Criteria for Board Service:

  • Member of IMC USA in good standing.
  • Experience as a volunteer Board or Committee member in IMC USA or other organization.
  • Leadership experience within IMC USA (chapter board, chapter or national committee) or other organizations.

 General information about National Board of Director service:

  • Board members are expected to attend each scheduled board meeting (quarterly virtual meetings, annual face-to-face board meeting at the national conference, periodic working sessions, special board meetings as needed) as well as attend the national conference and other IMC USA events. ExCom will determine the meeting schedules and locations; the current board schedule will be included in the nomination application.
  • Board members are responsible for completing assigned tasks and preparation for each meeting.
  • Directors must be able and willing to commit to the necessary time for duties (time commitments vary by role).

The 2023 Nominating Committee members are:
1.    Patricia Gaffney, Ed.D., CMC® – Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter
2.    Loraine Huchler, CMC®, FIMC – Philadelphia Chapter
3.    Juan Negroni, CMC® – Northeast Region            
4.    Adam Cherrill, CMC® –  Central Region        
5.    David Kelly –  Northern California Chapter
6.    Andre Vaccaro – Eastern Region
Please submit the name(s) of candidate(s) to the Nominating Committee ([email protected]) no later than Friday, February 17, 2023.

Loraine Huchler, P. E., CMC®, FIMC
Chair, IMC USA Nominating Committee
[email protected]; 609-865-8151 (cell)

CMC Graphic

 Certified Management Consultant (CMC®)

CMC® Certification Committee and Volunteers
As we begin a new year, let’s thank all those who have volunteered to serve as CMC® Oral Examination panelists. Again, the CMC® Certification Committee consists of qualified volunteers who are stepping up to serve as Panel Chairs and examiners and all must comprehend:

  • the Exam Panel Instructions (page 5) and
  • the Exam Orientation-Agenda Letter format that facilitates the CMC® Oral Exam Panel Chair to custom fit an agenda for the exam panelists to follow.

CMC Candidates who are awarded the CMC® (Certified Management Consultant) credential by the IMCUSA have demonstrated an exceptional level of performance that includes:

  • professional standards in technical competency and ethics,
  • global standards in consulting competencies,
  • professional and ethical behavior,
  • client and project management, and
  • personal conduct.

Our IMC USA has successfully addressed the ICMCI’s Triennial Assessment for awarding the CMC® credential. IMC International Members are encouraged to explore and consider earning the Global CMC® through the ICMCI (The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes). The ICMCI’s CMC-Global Institute link is located at https://www.cmcgi.org/content/cmc-designation.2023 CMC® Triennial Recertification Form

Recertification continues with more CMC’s renewing their credential this year. Since July 1, 2022, one singular CMC® Recertification Form has been adopted that adheres to the already authorized format from the IMCUSA Board of Directors.

In the future, following a July 31 deadline, a $70 administrative charge will be added to process any candidate’s recertification form. If you do not recertify, your IMCUSA status will be changed from Certified Management Consultant (CMC®) to Professional.

To purchase The Mastering Management Consulting “Ethical Challenges Module”, which satisfies the ethics requirements for CMC Recertification, please visit this link.

If you are a non-member or expired member, and you wish to join or renew, or apply for Certified Emeritus, please contact Membership at [email protected].

For any other questions regarding CMC® Recertification, please contact Lindy Rome at [email protected].

Thanks, again, for helping advance our IMC’s unique credential: the CMC® (Certified Management Consultant).

Gregory Lunde, CMC®-Emeritus
IMCUSA CMC® Certification Committee Chair

Advance Notice: QuickStart

IMC USA Academy will be offering and IMPROVED QuickStart Class LIVE this spring. Completion of the exercises in the workbook and attendance at each of the three virtual 90-minute seminars provides each participant with the fundamentals to launch or accelerate their consulting business!

Want to get on the pre-registration list? Have questions? Contact IMC USA Professional Resources and Education Committee (PREC) Chair, Loraine Huchler, P.E., CMC®, FIMC [email protected]609-865-8151 (cell). Stay tuned for the formal announcement!

Chapter President’s Council

The CPC continues to meet on a monthly basis to provide a timely communications channel between the chapters and the national Board, and more importantly to share ideas about what is and is not working regarding chapter events, programming, membership growth, etc. If you have an issue or an idea that you would like the chapters to discuss/consider, please contact your chapter President, or the Board liaison to the CPC, Rick Starkweather CMC®, at [email protected], or 919-345-9871 (cell).

Be Recognized for your Outstanding International Work

Do you have outstanding results from an international project? The International Constantinus Awards is your opportunity to garner that recognition for your hard work in making a difference. If you have an engagement that qualifies, please contact Joyce Gioia, CMC®, FIMC Constantinus Award Ambassador for IMC USA at [email protected] for more about the criteria and an application.

Sponsor Message – TCPG

Announcing the formation of TCPG, The Consultants Peer Group, which is dedicated to helping consultants discover answers to your most perplexing questions and help you build momentum and the life you want. Consulting can be anxiety-producing, stressful and riddled with worries about yourself, your practice and your clients’ interests. TCPG offers you a monthly (virtual) facilitated peer group where you can safely, confidentially bring your biggest challenges to be worked in a ‘been-that-made-that-mistake’ format *and* a monthly 1-2-1 individual coaching session by an acknowledged consulting industry expert and experienced executive coach.  Act now, as founding members will receive a 38% discount. Call 336.384.5796 or write dtnormant@tcpgroupnet now.

Upcoming National and Chapter Events

IMC USA produces several programs each month. Please visit the online calendar to plan your participation. The majority of these programs are included with your membership! You may search by category and month.


There are 9 chapters throughout the United States that serve members on a local basis – including programming and networking. Please click here to determine the closest chapter to your vicinity.

Affiliate Program

Management consulting is a $259B market with 875,000 consultants and 3-4% annual growth. If you are seeking greater exposure and business development opportunities within the management consulting marketplace, click here now! Thank you to our affiliate members for supporting IMC USA!
For a fully directory of our affiliate members, click here.