April 2023

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Julia Demkowski Message

Happy Spring IMC USA! Spring is in the air and a perfect time to share a few exciting updates!

We want to thank all who participated in the Leadership Summit on March 10th for sharing your insights as we plan for the future of IMC USA. Your feedback regarding leadership, communication, and the annual conference is very much appreciated. We heard you!

We recognize three hours is not enough time to fully grasp each of these concepts and all the new information we shared. Please see the announcement in this newsletter for important dates for the follow-up leadership meetings. We have 3 volunteer leader meetings and the annual meeting scheduled. 

The Restructure and Realignment of IMC USA is complete. We have Committee Chairs seated for our three core committees and a new National Marketing Chair. For a complete list of our Committees, Committee Chairs, and Liaisons: Committees (imcusa.org)

We are looking for a new Ethics Committee Chair. Mark Haas has filled this role for IMC USA for 20 years (I believe that is a record!) and is ready to transition to a new leader. Please reach out to Julia Demkowski, Angela Dingle, or Gregory Brooks if you are interested in this leadership role. Requirements include being a CMC® in good standing and appropriate knowledge of business ethics and IMC USA Bylaws, Code of Ethics, and Code of Conduct. All interested members would go through a vetting process like those who apply for the National Board of Directors. 

On Friday, March 17, 2023, we received notification from The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) granting the Institute of Management Consultants USA full membership with authority to continue awarding the designation of Certified Management Consultant® to individual management consultants in accordance with its standard and processes as assessed by ICMCI. A special thank you to those who participated in this Triennial Assessment:

  • David Norman, CMC®-AF, FIMC, Lead IMC USA Full Assessment, Board member
  • Julia Demkowski, CMC®, Chair and CEO IMC USA
  • Gregory Lunde, CMC® Emeritus, Certification Committee Chair
  • Gregory Brooks, Executive Director IMC USA
  • Lindy Rome, Executive Assistant IMC USA
  • Richard Cruz, CMC® interviews
  • Adam Cherrill, CMC® interviews

Have you heard all the buzz about the ISO 20700? You will see opportunities communicated over the next few months as we launch our LMS with this new program. Please keep an eye out and read more below in the newsletter! 

What is ISO 20700? The ISO 20700 is relatively new and in its early adoption phase by consultants worldwide who wish to further differentiate themselves and their practice from others. More importantly, it is the first ISO service delivery standard for professional services in the world and, therefore, “marks an essential milestone in further development” of the consulting industry. Further, it is a guideline, not a compliance standard and is flexible in its application.

ISO 20700 brings increased attention to the need for transparency. The checklists embedded in ISO 20700 provide a common framework within which to hold constructive, open conversations with prospects/clients about the intended/proposed service, better ensuring success and satisfaction by clients. Its use provides this common framework for prospects/clients to appraise consultants and evaluate their work, precludes misunderstandings about the nature of the assignment, and clearly identifies the value of the engagement. 

A special thank you to all who are volunteering on the CMC® Committee. All members will soon see new and improved messaging from IMC USA and the benefits and value of Certification. This committee has really worked hard, and I believe their work will be key to IMC USA going forward. Members of the CMC® are:

  • Richard Cruz CMC® (Committee Chair)
  • Jennifer B. Causey CMC®
  • Lisa Apolinski CMC®
  • Margaret Chock CMC®
  • Curt Deckert, CMC®
  • Board Liaison: David Norman CMC®-AF, FIMC
  • Staff Liaison: Eva Bracciale

Update on the Positive Changes from International

As a member of IMC USA, you likely know that we are one of 51 countries which are members of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI). They recently adopted an expanded Competence Framework.  Your national board of directors voted in favor of those changes to ensure we are in alignment with our international peers, including reciprocity of the CMC®.  The changes to the Competence Framework are exciting and we shared three key parts in January. If you are interested in the details behind this summary, please go to www.icmci.org for complete details of the Competence Framework.

We recently began to roll out the new Code of Professional Conduct. The new Code of Conduct is over and above IMC USA’s Code of Ethics and is not meant to subsume or replace it, rather to be in addition to the Code of Ethics to which you, as a member of IMC USA sign adherence to.  The Code of Conduct describes the rules of engagement that management consultants have in the greater community as well as the behaviors that are mandatory in our professional roles.  Our Volunteers, Board Directors of, and Staff members to IMC USA have already adapted the new Code and we will be sharing with all members soon.

One question survey! In a recent call with Ms. Alyson Small, a long-term IMC USA member, we discussed ideas around scaling our consulting businesses. We agreed this may be a great Town Hall topic and we should just ask our members to join in on the discussion! If you would be interested in planning or participating in this town hall, please email [email protected] and just say you are interested! Quick and easy! 

Stay tuned IMC USA, more to come!
2023 is off to a great start! 


IMC USA Member News

Welcome February – March New Members

  • Michael Casale, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Rusty Goodsell, Brentwood Tennessee
  • Akm Ziaul Haque, Santa Barbara, California
  • Alanna Scott, Salmon Arm, British Columbia

Member Stories: What IMC USA Means to Me

Stanley Sloan, Ph.D. CMC knows the value of his IMC USA membership:

“I’ve been actively participating in IMC since being certified as a CMC thirty-four years ago and continue to serve in IMC leadership roles. Collegiality and collaboration are hallmarks of IMC. IMC colleagues join us on sales calls, consulting assignments, as well as providing each other with referrals. Moreover, we advise and assist each other in ways to improve our effectiveness as professional consultants. The depth and breadth of talent, expertise and sheer brain power within IMC is impressive, as is the wide array of resources available on the IMC USA website. Collaborating with my IMC colleagues is also a lot of fun!”

Dr. Sloan, of Sloan Management Consulting, LLC, helps client organizations achieve the changes and critical business results necessary for success inthe m arketplace. SMC’s consulting portfolio includes customer service and satisfaction, change management, organization effectiveness, performance improvement, reward management, and workforce development.

Learn more about the value of your IMC USA membership today by visiting http://ow.ly/yIiA50DCCGr


Thinking about starting, growing and sustaining your practice? What better way than utilizing the resources and community IMC USA offers! If you are seeking to begin your practice, implement a proven competency framework, develop business, optimize performance, exceed client expectations and much more – it all starts with membership and personalized onboarding! Click here to get started today!

News Around the Web

IMC USA Committee Updates

IMC USA Leadership Summit Follow Up: Save the Dates

All IMC USA Leaders who are in good standing are invited to join us on the first Monday of every month at 4:30 pm ET to continue our discussion around strategic objectives, the IMC USA Journey, Business Identity results, communication, and the annual conference. These Volunteer Leadership Meetings will supersede the Chapter Presidents’ Council (CPC) monthly meetings and are open to all volunteer leaders in good standing. Good standing is defined as volunteer leader whose membership in IMC USA is paid in full, that has been duly elected or appointed, and has signed the IMC USA Leadership Code of Conduct for Volunteer Leaders.Our first priority will be to affirm the top three communication objectives we discussed during the summit. We will distribute an agenda and summary prior to the meeting.

Until then, mark your calendars and make plans to participate in the following:

April 3, 4:30 pm • Volunteer Leader Meeting
May 1, 4:30 pm • Volunteer Leader Meeting
June 5, 4:30 pm • Volunteer Leader Meeting
June 15, 1:00 pm • IMC USA Annual Meeting (Virtual)
November 10-12 • IMC USA Annual Conference (In-Person)

CMC Graphic

 Certified Management Consultant (CMC®)

CMC® Certification Committee and Volunteers
This year, we’re moving to a quarterly Oral Examination schedule that allows us to better serve our CMC® Applicants and Examiners. Again, the CMC® Certification Committee consists of qualified volunteers who are stepping up to serve as Panel Chairs and examiners and all must comprehend:

  • the Exam Panel Instructions (page 5) and
  • the Exam Orientation-Agenda Letter format that facilitates the CMC® Oral Exam Panel Chair to custom fit an agenda for the exam panelists to follow.

CMC Candidates who are awarded the CMC® (Certified Management Consultant) credential by the IMCUSA have demonstrated an exceptional level of performance that includes:

  • professional standards in technical competency and ethics,
  • global standards in consulting competencies,
  • professional and ethical behavior,
  • client and project management, and
  • personal conduct.

Our IMC USA has successfully addressed the ICMCI’s Triennial Assessment for awarding the CMC® credential. IMC International Members are encouraged to explore and consider earning the Global CMC® through the ICMCI (The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes). The ICMCI’s CMC-Global Institute link is located at https://www.cmcgi.org/content/cmc-designation.2023 CMC® Triennial Recertification Form

Recertification continues with more CMC’s renewing their credential this year. Since July 1, 2022, one singular CMC® Recertification Form has been adopted that adheres to the already authorized format from the IMCUSA Board of Directors.

In the future, following a July 31 deadline, a $70 administrative charge will be added to process any candidate’s recertification form. If you do not recertify, your IMCUSA status will be changed from Certified Management Consultant (CMC®) to Professional.

To purchase The Mastering Management Consulting “Ethical Challenges Module”, which satisfies the ethics requirements for CMC Recertification, please visit this link.

If you are a non-member or expired member, and you wish to join or renew, or apply for Certified Emeritus, please contact Membership at [email protected].

For any other questions regarding CMC® Recertification, please contact Lindy Rome at [email protected].

Thanks, again, for helping advance our IMC’s unique credential: the CMC® (Certified Management Consultant).

Gregory Lunde, CMC®-Emeritus
IMCUSA CMC® Certification Committee Chair

CMC® Committee

The CMC Committee in alignment with the strategies put forth by the Marketing Committee seeks CMCs to contribute to the IMC USA Blog. Our goals include making our clients the hero of their story with the CMC as a trusted advisor. These stories should include problems experienced and the journey to successfully navigating those problems aided by competent and ethical management consulting. Furthermore, we aim to provide content around the elements of the Competency Framework to elaborate on their importance to the organizations we serve. Please contact Rich Cruz for your ideas at [email protected].

New IMC USA Website Launching Soon

IMC USA will feature a new website very soon. The public-facing website should allow for a better user experience, and it will enable IMC USA to create more useful content for our visitors. The new website project stemmed from efforts from the CMC Committee who sought to improve the visibility of certain website pages related to becoming a Certified Management Consultant. We eagerly look forward to the launch of the new website in the near future, and we would love your feedback.

Membership Committee Update

The IMC USA Board of Directors recently appointed Cecilia Sepp, CAE, as the Membership Committee Chair. Sepp joined IMC USA in July 2020 and served as the Treasurer of the National Capital Region (NCR) Chapter through December 2022. “I’m looking forward to learning more about the inner workings of IMC USA, its global opportunities, and how we can work together to elevate the performance of Consultants.” The Membership Committee will also focus on educating members on the path to becoming a globally recognized Certified Management Consultant®. Have any ideas or suggestions about the Member Experience? Please send an email to: [email protected]

Apply to Be Recognized on a Global Scale

Have you enjoyed remarkable results for a client and/or made a huge difference for the people or the planet? If so, we would love to submit your application to the international organization that is involved with the Constantinus International Awards. This competition is a joint effort between the ICMCI (International Conference of Management Consulting Institutes) and the Constantinus International Awards. IMC USA will be pleased to support you to be recognized for your outstanding work. So, if you completed an engagement in which you had remarkable results, or are doing so soon, please email Joyce Gioia [joy-yah] at [email protected].

Upcoming National and Chapter Events

IMC USA produces several programs each month. Please visit the online calendar to plan your participation. The majority of these programs are included with your membership! You may search by category and month.


There are 9 chapters throughout the United States that serve members on a local basis – including programming and networking. Please click here to determine the closest chapter to your vicinity.

Affiliate Program

Management consulting is a $259B market with 875,000 consultants and 3-4% annual growth. If you are seeking greater exposure and business development opportunities within the management consulting marketplace, click here now! Thank you to our affiliate members for supporting IMC USA!
For a fully directory of our affiliate members, click here.