April 2024

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Spring has sprung! This time of year is filled with new growth and a sneak peek at what’s to come in the near future. It’s also a great time for you to focus on growing your knowledge and skills. 

As a management consultant, you bear a three-part responsibility – to society, our clients, and the consulting profession. You must be able to explain to what extent and in what way you act as the basis for the advice you provide to your clients. Keeping pace with the current standards of others in the profession ensures that you maintain and enhance the knowledge and skills you need to deliver services to your clients. The credibility and reputation of the consulting profession as whole is shaped by the collective conduct of individual practitioners.

As Chair, I cannot underestimate the importance of continuing professional development – it is a career-long obligation for practicing consultants. It helps you to stay interested and interesting. IMC USA is committed to helping our members and other individuals become more successful management consultants.  That’s why I am proud to announce the launch of IMC USA’s newest professional development program – Owning the Future. Understanding and comprehending the principles of Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) and how they apply in an organization is a foundational component of ethical management consulting.

This month we kick off the first in a quarterly series of moderated discussions that focus on topics related to positively enhancing a client’s CSR commitment by considering Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles, the ethics of CSR, ethical development, and relevant policies like the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs.) I hope you will join us as we strive to keep pace with our profession.

Do Your Clients Need to Uplevel the Ethical Behavior and Business Practices of Their OTHER Consultants? 

How often have you had a client complain to you about OTHER management consultants? Rightly or wrongly, we’ve heard our clients’ horror stories of OTHER consultants. OTHER consultants have failed to communicate, didn’t have the expertise needed, failed to do the job and provide the deliverables, or sadly, engaged in illegal business practices that caused the client legal and financial issues.

Our clients engage with us because they want US to work with them and help THEM succeed. They need us to provide our expertise. They want us to employ ethical business practices to do the work that’s needed and to make their lives a bit easier by being easy to work with. So how do we do that? How do we do good work and be easy to work with? Simple. We follow IMC USA’s enforceable Code of Ethics. We share it with our clients to enable them to measure our work and character against it and to also hold us accountable to it. We also suggest they adopt it and use it as a requirement for any of their OTHER consultants to abide by as well.

If you have clients who complain about OTHER consultants, share IMC USA’s enforceable Code of Ethics with them and suggest they make it a part of their engagement with every consulting firm. What do they have to lose other than the need to complain about their consultants. Win-Win.

Upcoming Events

April 12, 2024 – Lunch and Learn Webinar: Cyber Threats Unveiled: Essential Insights for Consultants

Did you know that nearly half (41%) of US small businesses reported being the victim of a cyber-attack in the past year? If you are a solopreneur or run a small consulting practice, you may not have the luxury of a dedicated IT team. However, a lack of cybersecurity knowledge can make your consulting practice a target for cyber criminals. Bad actors use a variety of tools and strategies to gain entry and wreak havoc on your programs and systems. As such, it is crucial for you to be aware of potential threats and the ways to combat them, as well as preventative measures to stop cyber criminals in their tracks. 

If you want to learn more about protecting your consulting practice, grab lunch and join us as we explore the latest research on cyber threats, basic cyber hygiene, and what it may cost if you fail to protect your consulting practice against cyber-attacks.  

Guest Speaker: Ms. Carla Dickens is the Managing Director of the Mouton Insurance Brokerage. She has a wide range of knowledge and expertise in developing appropriate commercial insurance products for both domestic and international clients. Carla is Life Licensed and able to recommend life insurance products for businesses and individuals. Carla’s goal is to provide the type of service and knowledge that is rarely experienced in the industry today – it’s one of the many reasons she is joining us today. She is a current member and past Board of Director for the Metropolitan Association of Independent Insurance Agents. Carla is currently a member of the DC Chamber of Commerce and a Women in Business Committee Member. Click Here to Register Today

April 17, 2024 – Owning the Future – Unlocking Growth: How ESG Can Elevate Your Consulting Practice


Are you looking to increase your consulting revenues and profits? Want to scale your consulting practice? Make plans to join us for this webinar focused on leveraging Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles to drive growth in your consulting practice. Hosted by Angela Dingle, CMC®, this event will explore how integrating ESG strategies can not only enhance your client offerings but also boost your revenues and profits. During this insightful session, you will discover the fundamentals of ESG and its relevance to consulting practices; practical strategies for incorporating ESG into your client engagements; how ESG can lead to new business opportunities and revenue streams. Hear about a successful ESG integration and its impact on profitability. With her extensive experience and industry insights, Angela will provide invaluable guidance on how you can leverage ESG to not only meet client expectations but exceed them.

Our featured speaker, Angela Dingle, CMC®, is President and CEO of Ex Nihilo Management, a Washington, DC based consultancy specializing in management consulting, cybersecurity, and leadership development. An award winning business owner, she brings to bear 25+ years of experience consulting in the public and private sector, having managed over $40M in consulting engagements. Angela is the Chairman and CEO of the Institute for Management Consultants (IMC USA).  She is the Author of “Discovering Your Girl Powers: 10 Strategies to Build Confidence, Charisma and Credibility”; Author of “The Unexpected Leader: 11 Tools for Transformational Leadership”; Founder of the Power Pact, a professional mastermind; and Founder of DEAFCYBERCON, an ecosystem for building an equitable pipeline of career opportunities for deaf women in cybersecurity. Click Here to Register Today!

April 29, 2024 – Meet the Members

Are you looking to explore synergies with other like-minded consultants? Mark your calendar, grab your favorite beverage and make plans to join us for a virtual happy hour where you can meet members of IMC USA. It’s a great way to expand your professional network. Partnering and networking are foundational components of a successful consulting practice and are key to building sustainable relationships. New and existing members alike are welcome to join this monthly virtual event. The is a free, virtual member only event. Click Here to Register Today!

Save the Date: May 22, 2024 | 2-3 PM EST – Ethics Hour: When Is It Time to Fire the Client?

We’ve all had at least one: That client that caused one headache after another because their views on ethical business practices and ours didn’t mesh. How can we prevent this from happening again? When and how can we FIRE a client without creating more headaches?

Join our panel of CMCs during this interactive, virtual conversation as we discuss:

  1. Warning Signs: What to Look for BEFORE You Accept the Client Engagement
  2. During the Engagement: Identifying Issues Early
  3. Firing the Client with Confidence, Clarity, and Integrity

We’ll explore these and other issues that come to light when a client’s actions challenge us and our commitment to IMC USA’s enforceable Code of Ethics. We’ll clarify when it’s time to fire the client.

Become A Certified Management Consultant® (CMC®)

Management consultants who seek to better serve their clients, grow their business, improve their skills, and/or practice within a solid ethical framework are encouraged to go through the certification process.

The Institute of Management Consultants (IMC USA) offers management consultants in the United States the opportunity to become a Certified Management Consultant (CMC®) – an internationally recognized credential as the gold standard in business consulting certifications. The CMC® serves as a differentiator for consultants and provides their practice and their clients additional value within a framework of Business Insight & Aptitude, Practice Capabilities, Consultative Behavior, plus Ethics & Professional Conduct.

Show Your Level of Knowledge

Certification as a Management Consultant from IMC USA (CMC®) demonstrates to potential clients a high level of expertise and knowledge.

The certification also helps business consultants and consulting firm owners/principles run their business more efficiently and have stronger relationships with their clients. Certified Management Consultants® are supported by a Code of Conduct that ensures you keep market value and attractiveness into the future.

What it Takes to Be a CMC®

Achieving a management consultant certification is a worthwhile goal. To become certified, IMC USA has several requirements for eligibility and steps to ensure those who gain the CMC® certification have thoroughly presented their ability to work at a higher level among the current pool of consultants.

While this process can feel daunting, IMC provides education, tools and community to help raise the bar for each individual consultant and help the industry to elevate in ability, knowledge, and ethics. The bottom line is this: certification through IMC sets the standard and provides the support for consultants to move to the next level in their career. Get started today!


Professional Development for Management Consultants

Enroll in IMC USA online, on-demand budget friendly programming to accelerate your consulting practice and achieve your professional goals:

  1. QuickStart
  2. ISO 20700
  3. Mastering Management Consulting

QuickStart is an online interactive training program that:

  • Teaches the essentials to create a successful consulting practice
  • Serves as a proven foundational framework which includes consulting process and ethics facilitated by an experienced Certified Management Consultant (CMC®)
  • Provides a peer group after the training to support your business growth.

Management consultants should attend if:

  • You’re just getting started in consulting or if you’re an experienced consultant adapting to an ever-changing marketplace.
  • You are uncertain about methods to find prospective clients.
  • You are struggling to articulate the value of your consulting services.
  • You’re looking for a peer group to help you grow your business

ISO 20700
Establish yourself as a credible and reliable consultant in the eyes of your clients with the help of the ISO 20700 Guidelines.This course will help you understand the ISO 20700 guidelines for the effective delivery of management consultancy services. The use of this ICMCI checklist tool will help you apply these guidelines on all your projects, creating transparency between you and your clients.

Any management consultants interested in furthering their professional education should considered this valuable three-module program.

Mastering Management Consulting
In this course, individuals can learn the fundamentals of management consulting from successful, experienced consultants.

  • Do you want to deliver more value for clients?
  • Are you just starting a new or re-focusing an existing consulting practice?
  • Would you like to have more confidence about the right steps in a consulting project?

Participants will learn how to identify client needs, create winning proposals, win more projects, deliver better results, design effective project plans, and execute successful consulting engagements.

Welcome New Members

  • Annette Johnston, Illinois
  • Arman Yaghoobi Kachooie, Texas
  • David Martinez
  • Glamis Haro, New York
  • Kaaryn Nailor, New York
  • Lawrence King, New York
  • Dr. Megan Carter, Texas
  • Oluwayemisi Ajayi, Texas
  • Sandra Madera, Connecticut
  • Victoria Pumford, Mississippi

IMC USA is a founding member of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) representing 64,000 global members. ICMCI’s mission is to advance our profession worldwide, by being the leader in the development of management consulting as a global profession that drives social and economic success.