October 2023

Unleashing Potential: Get Your Competitive Edge On

From matchmaking and networking to workshops and talk shows, the Consult-Con 2023 agenda has been carefully crafted for maximum relevance to management consultants. This year’s lineup makes up three days of networking, learning, and engaging that will empower and equip you to “Get Your Competitive Edge On” in the coming year and beyond. Register today and unlock your access to the best management consulting event of the year!

Day 1
Attendees will enjoy a full day of practice-optimizing sessions. During the first block of the day, you choose between informal networking over coffee and tea, a workshop that will brief you on all things CMC, or an innovative MatchMaker event. Next, join us for an expert panel discussion on your visibility and new client development. The day will conclude with a Leadership Reception for volunteers and invited guests.

Day 2
Day two starts with an opportunity to connect with fellow attendees over a delicious breakfast, followed by an opening keynote on client business insight. After a brief networking break, an interactive ethics workshop will engage attendees in conversation on sustainability and corporate responsibility, followed by an exciting keynote luncheon. During the next block, attendees choose between four business building workshops. Workshop topics include: ISO 20700, CMC Certification, the One Page Business Plan, and an Affiliate Business Solution Session.

Day 3
As the conference comes to a close, the curtains open for our annual awards ceremony, which will take place during breakfast this year. After celebrating your colleagues’ accomplishments and maybe even being recognized yourself, attend the most engaging session of Consult-Con 2023, the Consultant’s Talk Show, an open forum experience, back by popular demand. After closing remarks, attendees are encouraged to spend their free time soaking up the Florida sun, enjoying world-class food options, and getting in some final shopping trips.

We are looking forward to seeing our community in Florida this November! With the conference quickly approaching, make sure you are registered for Consult-Con 2023 to participate in all the educational, professional development, and networking opportunities. Register today!

IMC USA Thanks Sponsors of Consult-Con 2023

Thank you to the organizations that have already sponsored this year’s IMC USA annual conference.

Luncheon Sponsor, OmniSystems

Workshop Sponsor, Ex Nihilo Management,

Tote Bag Sponsors: Guise Marketing & PR and PR/PR.

Learn more about sponsorship.

Become A Certified Management Consultant® (CMC®)

CMC Graphic

Management consultants who seek to better serve their clients, grow their business, improve their skills, and/or practice within a solid ethical framework are encouraged to go through the certification process.

The Institute of Management Consultants (IMC USA) offers management consultants in the United States the opportunity to become a Certified Management Consultant (CMC®) – an internationally recognized credential as the gold standard in business consulting certifications. The CMC® serves as a differentiator for consultants and provides their practice and their clients additional value within a framework of Business Insight & Aptitude, Practice Capabilities, Consultative Behavior, plus Ethics & Professional Conduct.

Show Your Level of Knowledge

Certification as a Management Consultant from IMC USA (CMC®) demonstrates to potential clients a high level of expertise and knowledge.

The certification also helps business consultants and consulting firm owners/principles run their business more efficiently and have stronger relationships with their clients. Certified Management Consultants® are supported by a Code of Conduct that ensures you keep market value and attractiveness into the future.

What it Takes to Be a CMC®

Achieving a management consultant certification is a worthwhile goal. To become certified, IMC USA has several requirements for eligibility and steps to ensure those who gain the CMC® certification have thoroughly presented their ability to work at a higher level among the current pool of consultants.

While this process can feel daunting, IMC provides educationtools and community to help raise the bar for each individual consultant and help the industry to elevate in ability, knowledge, and ethics. The bottom line is this: certification through IMC sets the standard and provides the support for consultants to move to the next level in their career.Learn more and begin your journey to certification today.

Professional Development for Management Consultants

Enroll in IMC USA online, on-demand budget friendly programming to accelerate your consulting practice and achieve your professional goals:


      1. QuickStart

      1. ISO 20700

      1. Mastering Management Consulting

    QuickStart is an online interactive training program that:


        • Teaches the essentials to create a successful consulting practice

        • Serves as a proven foundational framework which includes consulting process and ethics facilitated by an experienced Certified Management Consultant (CMC®)

        • Provides a peer group after the training to support your business growth.

      Management consultants should attend if:


          • You’re just getting started in consulting or if you’re an experienced consultant adapting to an ever-changing marketplace.

          • You are uncertain about methods to find prospective clients.

          • You are struggling to articulate the value of your consulting services.

          • You’re looking for a peer group to help you grow your business

        ISO 20700
        Establish yourself as a credible and reliable consultant in the eyes of your clients with the help of the ISO 20700 Guidelines.This course will help you understand the ISO 20700 guidelines for the effective delivery of management consultancy services. The use of this ICMCI checklist tool will help you apply these guidelines on all your projects, creating transparency between you and your clients.

        Any management consultants interested in furthering their professional education should considered this valuable three-module program.

        Mastering Management Consulting
        In this course, individuals can learn the fundamentals of management consulting from successful, experienced consultants.


            • Do you want to deliver more value for clients?

            • Are you just starting a new or re-focusing an existing consulting practice?

            • Would you like to have more confidence about the right steps in a consulting project?

          Participants will learn how to identify client needs, create winning proposals, win more projects, deliver better results, design effective project plans, and execute successful consulting engagements.

          Navigating the Complex Landscape of Ethical Dilemmas

          Ethical dilemmas are a common aspect of human life. They are situations in which individuals or groups are faced with choices between conflicting moral principles, making it challenging to determine the right course of action. These dilemmas can arise in various contexts, from personal decisions to professional and societal issues, and they often require careful consideration and thoughtful decision-making.

          Ethical dilemmas typically involve competing values, principles, or interests, making it difficult to discern the morally correct choice. Here are a few common examples to illustrate the complexity of such situations:


              1. Medical Ethics: A doctor faces a dilemma when they must decide whether to disclose a terminal illness diagnosis to a patient who wishes to remain unaware. On one hand, truthfulness is a core principle of medical ethics, while on the other hand, respecting a patient’s autonomy and emotional well-being must also be considered.

              1. Business Ethics: A company discovers that a product they produce may have potential safety issues. They must decide whether to recall the product, potentially incurring significant financial losses, or continue selling it with a potential risk to consumers. This dilemma pits the ethical obligation to protect public safety against the company’s financial interests.

              1. Environmental Ethics: A government is tasked with deciding whether to allow the construction of a new factory that would create jobs but could also harm the local ecosystem. Balancing economic development and environmental conservation presents a challenging ethical dilemma.

              1. Personal Ethics: A person finds a lost wallet with a substantial amount of cash and identification inside. They must decide whether to keep the money or make an effort to return it to its rightful owner. This dilemma involves personal values such as honesty, empathy, and the desire for personal gain.

            Approaches to Resolving Ethical Dilemmas

            Addressing ethical dilemmas requires a systematic approach to make well-informed decisions. Here are some steps to consider:


                1. Identify the Dilemma: Clearly define the conflicting values or principles at play and recognize that you are facing an ethical dilemma.

                1. Gather Information: Collect all relevant facts and information related to the situation. Understand the potential consequences of each decision.

                1. Evaluate Options: Consider different courses of action and their ethical implications. Weigh the pros and cons of each choice.

                1. Consult Others: Seek advice from trusted individuals or experts who can offer diverse perspectives on the matter. Discussing the dilemma with others can provide valuable insights.

                1. Make a Decision: After thorough consideration, choose the option that aligns best with your core values and principles, even if it involves difficult sacrifices.

                1. Reflect and Learn: After taking action, reflect on the outcome and whether the decision resolved the ethical dilemma effectively. Use this experience to inform future ethical choices.

              Ethical dilemmas are an inherent part of human existence, often challenging individuals and society to make choices in complex situations. Navigating these dilemmas requires a thoughtful and principled approach that balances competing values and interests. By recognizing ethical dilemmas, gathering information, seeking advice, and making informed decisions, individuals and organizations can uphold their moral integrity and contribute to a more ethical world.

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                There is no better time than now to join IMC USA to begin taking your consulting practice to the next level!  Join today and receive membership through December 31, 2024. That is all of this year for free and a full year in 2024 at the regular dues amount:


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                    • $995 Affiliate Membership, no application fee.

                  Membership is your passport to success. Enroll in a number of online, on-demand programming at discount rates for all career levels. Begin your path to the globally recognized  Certified Management Consultant® (CMC®) designation. Connect with your colleagues in your city, coast to coast and internationally. Take advantage of several membership perks. Special invites to webinars and town halls meetings. Participate in business development sessions. Get known by potential clients in our online directory. Become eligible for an award. Develop your leadership skill by volunteering. And of course, our annual conference taking place November 10-12, 2023 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. At IMC USA, there are resources for just about every management consultant. Join today, save money and begin taking your practice and clients to new heights! https://imcusa.org/membership/.