Consult-Con 2023 Postponed

After thoughtful deliberation, the Board of Directors for the Institute of Management Consultants USA (IMC USA) has decided to postpone Consult-Con 2023 to a future date. We have discussed and given careful consideration to many factors, not the least of which are everyone’s busy schedules, the conference location, and current financial, political, and global uncertainties. While Consult-Con, and indeed its predecessor Confab, has been an important part of IMC USA’s history, providing a venue for consultants to connect and learn, we recognize much has changed in our marketplace.

With all these factors being considered we recognize that we needed to give you more lead-time as we planned the conference and registration; and we need to create clear, concise, and compelling messaging, including why you should attend, who was speaking and where Consult-Con will be held. The feedback we have received is greatly appreciated and has informed our response.

We recognize that we have work to do in order to plan a worthwhile conference that provides a return on your investment of time and money. As such, the Board of Directors will be convening for a two day strategic planning and alignment meeting in November to discuss Consult-Con and a path forward amongst other items. In the meantime, a member of our staff will contact you regarding hotel reservation cancellations and refunds of registration fees.

We especially thank our sponsors, speakers, and everyone who has registered for Consult-Con 2023! Thank you for supporting IMC USA. We appreciate your patience as we endeavor to get this right.