Management Consulting Certificate Program

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MCCP is a curriculum for graduate students in a Masters program – typically a Masters of Business Administration (MBA). This course is specifically designed for college students, not practicing consultants or professionals with work experience. Completion of this course does not confer a “certification;” it provides training on the fundamentals of consulting that is part of the education to qualify as a Certified Management Consultant®️ (CMC®️).

The mission of the Institute of Management Consultants USA (IMC USA) is to promote excellence and ethics in management consulting through certification, education, and professional resources. One of the avenues of meeting our mission is through joint programs with the academic world to offer non-degree and courses of study to their students based on the IMC USA Competency Framework and other management consulting programs.

To proactively capture new market opportunities, Universities, in partnership with the IMC USA, can offer the Management Consulting Certificate Program, which is an executive development program to provide professionals with the fundamental and proven professional framework for the practice of management consulting.

Management consultants typically have a wider set of skills, abilities, and experience than consultants in one single area of expertise, and are able to provide more value to the client. This makes a Certificate in Management Consulting very attractive to current executives wanting to improve their overall consulting acumen; to executives in transition wanting to start a consulting career; to MBA students wishing to explore or pursue a management consulting career; in summary, it offers the University a new channel for its academic mission with a strong link to market realities.

Take a leading position in the marketplace by adding the Management Consulting Certificate Program to your curriculum.

Objective of the MCCP

Prepare participants to deliver high-impact, ethical Management Consulting service as internal or external consultants by exposing participants to tools and procedures that are among the best practices in the profession.

Details of MCCP

  • Based on IMC USA proprietary Management Consulting Competency Framework.
  • 37.5 hours with multiple format options.
  • Turnkey materials licensed to the university (powerpoints, instructor guides, participant workbooks) with flexibility for personalization by faculty.
  • Program can be offered by the School of Business, Special Studies, Executive Programs, Outreach, International Affairs, etc.
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Target Market for MCCP

  • Professionals, executives, and MBAs who want to become internal or external consultants.
  • Consultants in one single area of expertise (banking, IT, accounting, legal etc.) seeking a wider set of skills to provide more value to their clients.
  • Young or veteran consultants who want to “sharpen their swords.”
  • Executives and corporate officials looking to improve their personal and company performance.

MCCP Value to the Institution of Higher Education

  • Take a leading position in the marketplace by adding the MCCP.
  • Increase revenues.
  • Enhance reputation for professionalism and ethics in consulting.
  • Save time and money with MCCP’s turnkey format.

MCCP Value to the Participants

  • Complimentary Professional Membership to IMC USA (a $375 value).
  • Expanded professional network.
  • Enhanced credentials.
  • Exposure to tools, techniques and practices applicable to many fields and types of clients.
  • Learn and practice communicating your unique value to clients.
  • Acquire the skills to effectively use data and present solutions to clients.
  • Develop keys to thriving in consulting with models for small and large consulting firms.
  • Understand and apply the IMC USA Code of Ethics in consulting.
  • Improve management of their company projects and team.
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What is Special About MCCP?

The MCCP is benchmarked against the IMC USA proprietary Competency Framework which exceeds consulting standards of the International Council of Management Consultants Institute (ICMCI).

The MCCP can serve as the knowledge foundation for procuring the unique and prestigious Certified Management Consultant® (CMC®) certification awarded by the IMC USA.

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